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B2B Marketing Partnerships

Where Bottom Lines Grow

Align sales & marketing teams, optimize sales cycles & generate real demand for your products and services. 

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Equally Committed to All Our Client Partner Family

BarkB2B is equally committed to all its partners, so we only work with a small group of long-term partners at any given time. As one of the only & best B2B marketing agencies in MENA, we strive to build strong, high-value, long-term partnerships with our clients. Making us a content, growth, or product partner to your organization is equivalent to outsourcing around 80 percent of your marketing/product needs.  

Industries We Serve

BarkB2B Lifelong Partnerships

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The most typical setup. Commission BarkB2B to become your dedicated marketing partner. Creating consistent content built to serve powerful, proven and thorough communication strategies. Every single piece of marketing and sales content will be our responsibility. 


This partnership is built for those that can’t free up that monthly cash flow but need help scaling marketing, sales, and products quickly and professionally. Being one of the best marketing agencies in Egypt, BarkB2B offers services worth up to 100K EGP for 0 retainer fee per month for a share of all sales revenue created in the company post agreement signature. 


Imagine outsourcing your product management efforts. Combining the required creative, business and technical aspects of product development, this partnership is built to support software and technology companies to create efficient product development processes, documented roadmaps, and powerful products to achieve product-market fit.

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