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Selecting the Right Marketing Partner in Egypt for Small Businesses

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Top marketing agencies in Egypt

Creating one or two campaigns with excellent content and brilliant targeting does not guarantee the qualified leads your business is looking for.

Marketing is a long term endeavour - And because, it is, you must select a marketing partner with the intent to grow old and wrinkly together.

When it comes to selecting the right marketing partner many organizations begin to ask questions like which are the top marketing companies in Egypt? How many clients do they have? Should we go for a big name agency, or a smaller boutique style provider?

While these questions are valuable and may guide you down the right path, small businesses must also consider a few other unconventional angles when assessing who to press flesh with.

The Noble Angle

Words like commitment are lightly thrown about in Egyptian work culture - But what do we mean by commitment?

We see commitment as more than just hard work and dedication and rather as a form of security in the face of unpredictable circumstances. Commitment is more like a compass that facilitates the planning and coordination of actions involving both parties.

In other words, you need to select a marketing partner that is truly committed to your business’ growth and development regardless of any unforeseen circumstances that may affect their own.

" NOT get married to a marketing provider that doesn’t 100 percent understand your business."

The Technical Angle

Marketeers are not just creative fluffy people. Understanding your business inside out is a prerequisite to the success of any piece of marketing content, campaign or activity. While this sounds obvious, many organizations start conversations with marketing companies and skip the technicalities - the truth is your money is only well spent if your marketing partner actually understands your business, from your business model down to all the nitty gritty details!

It's simple, do not get married to a marketing provider that doesn't 100 percent understand your business.

The Marketing Ideology Angle

Last, but definitely, not least. This is where true alignment comes in.

In B2B environments, companies invest in marketing for different reasons, and those reasons will define the success of any partnership you setup with a marketing provider.

We always recommend that organizations sincerely ask themselves why they are investing in marketing.

Are you looking for a supplier of content or a business partner? Are you looking for someone who is focused on strategy or implementation? Are you looking for someone that can execute your ideas blindly or build their own? Often these questions are left hanging, with the assumption that both parties can naturally draw their own conclusions.

The answers to these questions must be handled with care or else you might risk setting up a relationship that is doomed to failure!

Can your small business justify the cost?

Building a successful company of any size will always involve successfully marketing your product, your service, or even yourself.

Nonetheless, when budgets are tight, morale is low and top management is skeptical about the importance of marketing for their B2B brand - marketing activities might be the expense you decide to defer. Right?

Your small business works hard. We know that you spend every breathing moment deciding where to allocate limited budgets, where to take risks and where to stay safe. Outsourcing B2B marketing services in the region can be tedious.

Making sure that your marketing budgets are being well spent becomes so much easier once you develop a comprehensive marketing plan with a solid content strategy. Following a well-defined plan will at least allow you to better understand what works and what doesn’t allow you to use your marketing funds sensibly.


So, you can spend months trying to find the "top marketing companies in Egypt" or you can choose a marketing provider that will support your business’ unique needs.


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