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Say Goodbye to the Spray & Pray Method Now

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Quick Rant!

Spray & Pray

Shorter term content plans and haphazardly pushing out content to social media may or may not do you justice.

I’ve seen this way too many time; organizations that just want to keep spitting out content left, right and center in the hope of casually attracting a potential lead without really, really understanding what their long term objectives are.

The truth is we’re all guilty of this. We may have a great content plan, a neat social communication calendar that outlines the objective of every piece of content but the real question is, how does that tie into the organization’s long-term strategy? What is our vision for creating all this content? How does each campaign tie into the broader scheme of things?

Unless we have an answer to each one of these questions, we are creating content on a hit or miss basis, which is simply not good enough.

Its is absolutely essential that you are able to target prospects with a tailored value proposition, on the right channel, at the right time (for the right amount of time) and still stay not lose sight of your long-term B2B marketing objectives.

My advice, build more targeted and integrated campaigns over longer periods of time.


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