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[Infographic] Why you must allocate better budgets to B2B Marketing

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Overview: this is why your b2b organization must have a real budget for marketing

While B2B organizations in many sectors world wide have begun to pursue longer term content and digital marketing strategies, the Middle East & Africa remains almost, stagnant.

Little to no budgets are being allocated to B2B marketing services in the Middle East & Egypt - this is mainly because B2B businesses still heavily rely on sales efforts to drive revenue. While the majority of B2B entities will remain sales-driven, Middle Eastern companies will need to start investing in more holistic and strategy-led digital marketing activities.

Whether its with a top marketing agency or in-house, it's time you transform marketing from a business function to a robust revenue generator for your business. Explore the details of this infographic to learn about why you need to invest in marketing and what kinds of activities you should be investing in first.

Looking to start investing more into your B2B marketing strategy, B2B Digital marketing or content creation efforts, explore B2B marketing today with a top B2B marketing agency in the Middle East.

OR, if you still need support in figuring out your B2B marketing needs, get a free consultation.


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