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Construction Companies in Egypt Need to Invest in SEO - This is Why.

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Construction Worker

Construction is one of the largest and most competitive markets in Egypt. The construction sector is also cyclical with demand changing with the economy.

With competition for construction projects of all types, sizes, and scopes being the most aggressive it has been in decades, construction companies need to up their game when it comes to digital marketing, especially investing in SEO Services.

The growing competition in the construction sector means that organizations have to do more to stand out, be found online, and consistently create compelling content for their various target audiences.

As construction marketers start to build websites that feature more modern and enhanced functions, many contractors in Egypt have not yet taken advantage of even the most basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Developing a new website, or making adjustments to an existing website with the right SEO techniques and methods is really important to achieve improved organic search engine results.

What are SEO Services?

Organizations invest in SEO services to increase website traffic, remain top of mind and maximize lead generation.

SEO services can be technical such as website backend optimization, design, and development or they can be content-based; making sure content and copy are created frequently and optimized for search engine results for relevant keywords.

SEO services & activities usually include:

  • Title tag optimization

Title tags are what appear in search results when users search for a keyword.

  • Meta tags, or meta descriptions optimization,

this is the text or description that shows up under your title tag in search results.

  • Headings check

headings help website visitors understand the structure of your website's content. Optimizing headings is an important element on any SEO services checklist, just like headings help build a structure for users, they also allow google to understand your pages.

  • Image Optimization & Alt Tags

making sure images are compressed and organized sensibly on your page is vital. Furthermore, adding "alt text" to all images is a must for google to be able to crawl those "non-text" pieces of content. (Alt tags are simply what you see when you scroll over an area where an image is supposed to show up but hasn't loaded for one reason or another).

  • Content Optimization

this is undoubtedly the most important element and process among all SEO services. this is simply where all content is optimized, keywords are weaved into website text, and more.

  • Adapting for Mobile views

Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly. No matter what device a user is accessing your website from, the user experience must be consistent and appealing.

  • Page Speed Optimization

another one of the most important ranking factors that google uses to determine your website's ranking is page speed optimization. Any SEO services provider will most likely stress getting your page up to speed with global standards.

  • Internal linking setup

Making sure your website has an effective internal linking structure helps build an effective user experience for users to navigate your website with ease.

  • Developing a blog on your website

developing a blog space for your website with a consistent plan to create relevant and unique articles to strengthen authority in search engines is by far one of the most important SEO services any business will need to invest in.

  • Placing backlinks to high-quality sites

  • URL optimization

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Putting things into perspective

Individuals and businesses are searching for construction companies and contractors on a daily basis across Egypt.

Below is an example of the keywords being searched for on Google every month:
Construction seo keywords

Don't miss out on the countless opportunities to expand your reach on search engines. Thousands of people can be searching for contracting companies, commercial contractors, and many other variations of the word. Your business needs to be on the first page of google to be able to capture interest from potential prospects and other business development opportunities.

Do you want your business to show on google when people search for these words?

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The image below displays the first page of google when users search for construction companies in Egypt.

Construction sector SEO rankings

Is your organization on the list?

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