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Increased competition in the MENA region in the fintech industry means that b2b fintech brands need to start investing in marketing, and in the right way; no more cutting corners, or pretending that your audiences understand your industry jargon.  


Whether you're building a new product or service category, striving to generate demand for your new product or service category, or looking to sustain a compeitive advantage The preparedness to connect with decision makers about an important goal or challenge to their business can have a noticeable impact on the success of most MSPs, cloud providers and enterprise technology organizations.

Mazimizing audience reach and generating new demand means you have to target decision-makers with the right messages, using the right formats and on the most suitable channels to be able to obtain the attention of these people on today's digital channels.  

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96 percent of B2B buyers want to see content with more input from industry thought leaders.


62 percent of marketers in the B2B tech sector said that creating engaging content is their biggest marketing strategy challenge.

Most B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before the first meeting with a representative.

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